Tuesday 16 December 2014

Baseplan GO Live in Retracom Group of Companies for 2015

Baseplan Enterprise software will GO Live in our contracting business at the start of the New Year. The system has already been successfully implemented across our Hire and Portable building business units. Baseplan is an Australian based ‘whole of business’ software solution considered ‘best of breed’ in the Hire sector. Already we are starting to see the benefits of a streamlined back office allowing us to concentrate on service delivery using functionality that better accommodates customer requirements. Baseplan has developed a project management module specifically to suit our Contracting business and this promises a step change in the cost control and operational visibility. Clients and suppliers alike will notice some minor stationery changes from the new system disciplines but overall the transition to Baseplan has been relatively seamless to date. The project scope also included a shift from an on-premise to remote hosted IT infrastructure. It is envisaged that the investment in Baseplan and cloud computing will enable an enhanced service offering and an improved customer interface into 2015 and beyond.


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