Thursday 25 October 2018

Newcold Advance Cold Logistics Melbourne 2 – Chilled Storage Facility Project

Retracom and SBP Australia, both specialists insulated panel installers, worked together on a joint venture at the Newcold Advanced Cold Logistics Melbourne 2 – Chilled Storage Facility, one of the largest cold stores in the southern hemisphere. 

In September 2016, both companies started the design and the production of detailed construction drawings with work on site commencing in November 2016. A team of 20 installers fitted a total of 65,745m2 of insulated panel over a 40-week period. The project, the first of its kind in Australia, consists of a state of the art, fully automated temperature controlled selective racking system, which required the construction of multiple rooms in the high bay (storage) building, with link tunnels to the low bay building, which incorporated receival docks, loading docks, offices, battery charge rooms, freezer and cheese rooms.

The sheer size and complexity of a temperature-controlled facility of this nature, required Retracom and SBP Australia to draw on their extensive knowledge in the construction of cold storage facilities to enable the project to be successfully completed.


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