Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Retracom takes on Victoria

Retracom takes on Victoria

Retracom Contracting have made their first move in taking on Victoria’s cold storage and food processing market, employing a new Victorian based Sales Consultant.

Victoria’s insulated panel market is one of the strongest in Australia, with the largest dairy farming industry in the country and is the second largest vegetable growing state. “This is one of the major reasons Retracom has made the move into the Victorian market” said Retracom’s Sales Manager David Hunwick.

Retracom’s newly appointed Sales Consultant, Darrell Murray said he hopes to make Retracom a significant player in the Victorian market.

“I have a great deal to offer and look forward to expanding Retracom’s horizons,” Mr Murray said.

Retracom Contracting are known for building quality cold storage facilities throughout Australia and overseas, however they are not limiting themselves to just the cold storage market.

“The insulated roofing industry is growing and we want to tap into this as well,” Mr Murray said.

Retracom Sales Manager, David Hunwick said employing Mr Murray would allow Retracom to build and strengthen their relationships in Victoria.

Mr Murray has spent all of his professional career in the building industry including owning his own design and construction company.


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