Thursday, 9 January 2020

Sale of Retracom Contracting Business to Askin Panels

Dear Valued Customers,
Effective 20th December 2019, Retracom Insulated Panel Systems Pty Ltd (trading as Retracom Contracting) has been sold to Askin Pty Ltd. The Retracom Contracting staff and operations will relocate to facilities at Wacol and be integrated into the wider Askin business with minimal disruption to current projects.
In announcing the sale on behalf of all the Directors, Retracom Group founder Martin Porter acknowledged the many loyal customers, suppliers and employees who have been integral to the success and growth of the business over the last 35 years since humble beginnings. Martin also points out that the sale is limited to their Contracting business only and does not involve or impact any other of the Retracom Group businesses.

All parties to the sale are working hard to ensure a smooth and orderly transition that heralds a new era in insulated panel contracting within the cold storage and allied industry sectors.
It is business as usual for Retracom Hire and we will continue to provide our client's with the same quality transportable building hire options that we have in the past so please continue to contact us with Hire enquiries on 3489 4444.


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